Friday, September 26, 2008

alright sarah here you go

-What is his name: Michael Boyd Lainhart
2- Where did you meet? We met at a mutual friends house and he was the first real cowboy I had ever met and dont worry i didn't hesitate to tell him that ( he thought I was crazy)
3- How long did you date before you were married? dated for a month engaged for 3
4- How long have you been married for? not married yet 1 more week!
5- Who said I love you first? I did, Mike isn't every good with words
6- When and where was your first kiss? It was actually before we were my apartment
7- Who kissed who first? He kissed me.
8- Who proposed? Mike did, but he was sure scared to do it
9-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? hmm well not bowling thats for sure, we both like watching movies
10-Do you have kids? None but I feel like i have 40 kids from work
11- What does he do that surprises you? He is not the type of guy to express his feelings very much but when he does it is so sincere and makes me feel very special
12- What's your favorite feature about him? I love his smile he has got the cutest dang dimples!
13- What's your favorite quality about him? I love that he is a hard worker, he would do anything to make sure that we were taken care of.
14- Does he have a nickname for you? honey, babe, jessie and some other weird ones
15- What's his favorite color? red
16- What's his favorite food? Dang he told me once but i forgot
17-What is his favorite sport? He likes it all thankfully, but we dont like the same teams at all!
18- What's a hidden talent that he has? I dont think he has one...sorry honey!
19- How old is he? 20...younger than me!
20- What do you admire most about him? He has the biggest heart ever and he strives to be better everyday
21-What's his favorite past time? Oh man so many...
22- Who eats more? Im pretty sure he does
23- Who is taller? He is
24- Who sings better? I do
25- Who is smarter? I am
26- Who does the laundry? I do
27- Who pays the bills? I do
28- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? dont know yet...give us a week and i'll let you know
29- Who mows the lawn? LAWN? what lawn?
30- Who cooks dinner? Mostly he does....
31- Who drives? him he hates my driving
32- Who is more stubborn?oh i win that award for sure
33- Who has more friends? thats a dumb question
34- Who has more siblings? we have the same
35- Who controls the T.V. remote? him...annoying
36- Whose temper is worse? his for sure
37- Who does the dishes? i do.
38- Whose parents do you see more often? His because the live a lot closer1

its been a while...

ONE MORE WEEK...we are both getting really excited but we still have a lot to do. I am just mostly grateful to my family for all their support and love throughout the wedding planning. They have shown how much they love and care for me and it really means a lot to both me and Mike. I also am thankful for my new family they have welcomed me into their lives without any hesitation and that means a lot to me. Mikes mom and sister have been so great and so supportive and it just shows how important family is. Lately I have been forced to think a lot about the judgments of others and how bad they can hurt a person. Deciding to move the wedding forward and change the location was not an easy decision, but that is he decision that Mike and I made together and we believe that is the right choice for us at this time. Although some people think they know what is best for us, but to all those people...we are happy, I have never been more happy in my life. Yes, we both know it will be a long hard road but we are prepared and we are smart people and we are just trying to do our best. Throughout most of my life I have always lived but the theory that I would never judge another person based on the choices that they made in their life. I might not agree with the choices that my friends and family always make, but I love them no matter what because it isn't and never will be my place to judge a person for their choices. And thats what makes the gospel so cool...Jesus Christ gave us the opportunity and blessing to be able to repent and what a wonderful blessing that is. Life is hard and people make mistakes but there is a way to make things right and that knowledge is what i hold closest to my heart. Thank you to those people that have stood by our sides through it all we appreciate all you do for us....

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today we officially have only one month left til we get married...SCARY!!! Just kidding..we are both really excited! So we are back from California and things went really well. I think the family all likes Mike and we had a great time. We didn't take any pictures while we were there because we are gay...(sorry Sarah) Now that we are back we have both been really busy trying to move Mike into our news apartment. Grandma gave us money to buy furniture so we've been buying a lot of cute stuff to go in our apartment and we love it. The apartment is huge and I will put pictures up as soon as I take some. My mom and my sister are coming up to Idaho today because my little sister starts college at BYU-I on Monday. We are going to help move all her stuff in and then do wedding stuff all weekend...FUN! Anyways that is the update for to everyone!