Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a waxy mess

This is what happens when...Your name is Jessica Lainhart
and you are CLUMSY

It doesn't look like much but what the picture doesn't tell you is that
the purple mess spilled all over my kitchen floor
is actually purple wax from a scented wax plate. Because my name is Jessica
Lainhart and I am clumsy this is what happened....
I was trying to clean my kitchen so I was taking all the random stuff of the counter top.
I grabbed my purse off the counter and turned around to put it away,
but as I turned I knocked the whole wax plate
on the floor braking the plate and splattering hot wax everywhere
including all over myself. Mike and I spent at least a 30mins scraping
the wax of the floor with spatulas and butter knifes and it is still not all gone. Needless
to say it was a disaster and I hope it never happens again.


Well nothing much has changed since the last time I posted. Mike and I are still really busy and have a hard time finding time to spend with each other. We are getting really excited to go to Hawaii with Mikes family in March and are busy making plan of what we want to do while we are there. I am a little nervous about taking Logan to Hawaii because it will be our first vacation with a baby so it is going to be different. Logan is now 5 months old and he is cuter than ever. We just love watching him grow and learn new things. He has recently been rolling over in both direction whenever he doesn't feel like being lazy. He sleep from about 8:30pm to 6:30am every night with out waking up which is WONDERFUL. He has learned how to jump in his bouncy seat which is extremely cute and has also started to giggle. I just cant get enough of him and I am so thankful for the blessing he is to our family. Here are some recent pictures of our precious baby....