Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions!!!!

So I know we always make New Years resolutions and hardly ever keep them but this year I'm gonna try! Here they are:

-keep the house cleaner
-read to Logan more
-lose weight
-handle money better
-be a better wife and mother

Mike:(these are his that he told me)
-score higher on the asvab
-join navy
-gain weight

-get rid of binkies
-learn how to eat with fork and spoon
-no more bottles
-learn more words
-get potty trained

We're excited for 2011!!!!!!

christmas 2010

Christmas this year was AWESOME! It all started the week before christmas we headed up to Star Valley for a day to spend time with Mikes mom and Aunty Joy and cousins since we would be spending Christmas in California. We had lots of fun spending time with Joy and her kids because we never get to see them. Then on Christmas Eve we headed to California to see my family. I was really excited because we hardly ever get to see my family. I got to spend time with a lot of my high school friends and it was a blast! Christams day was so exciting, we all put on a new pj's and waited by the stairs patiently.
Logan had so much fun! It was mostly like his first real Christmas so it was a blast to watch him open gifts and get excited about the presents that he got. Mike and I also got lots of stuff that we wanted and had tons of fun.
The next day I had to take Mike to the airport because he had to leave early to get back to work, which was sad because I wish he was able to come to Mammoth with us. After the airport we headed to my Grandma Connie's in Mammoth/June Lake. We go up there every Christmas and it is one of my favorite things. They had so much snow and it was fun to play with the kids in the snow.

We got to go snowboarding and it was awesome. I felt totally out of shape but I had a great time. After a fun filled week and the Ranch we had to go back to reality. After a 7 hour drive to the airport, a screaming baby on the flight for 2 hours, and a 4 hour drive back home from SLC we finally made it home. All in all it was an awesome Christmas break and it was great to see my family!