Sunday, December 13, 2009

pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!!

Trip to Boise to see some of the cousins
Logan, Livi, and Mike at the Christmas party

Logan with some HUGE glasses

This is how we bundle Logan cause it's so cold outside

Logan with santa which turned out to be
Uncle Jared and Logan
looks huge!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well its been a while so I will start at....


This year we spent thanksgiving with Mikes family in Star Valley. It was Logans first thanksgiving but I dont think he really cared. Mike and I are so grateful this year to have oiur beautiful little baby and to be surrounded by family that loves us. It was a good thanksgiving this year and we ate a lot of great food.


He has been smiling a lot more, it is so cute to watch him stare at me and smile all day. He has rolled over a few times but with a little help. He is getting really really chunky and it is so adorable. I cant help but kiss and love on him all day long. He has been sleeping in his crib in the other room for almost 3 weeks now and I love it. It seems like he sleeps a lot better and so do I because I cant here ever peep he makes. He is on a pretty good sleeping schedule. He goes to bed everynight at 10pm then wakes up at aroung 4am and then again at 8am which I love because it has gotten a lot better. I just cant wait til he skips the 4 o clock one and sleeps mostly through the night, but for now I am happy.

Mike and I:

Mike is still working hard at Lowes and I am still coaching gymnastics. My team had their first meet in Boise and is went pretty well. We have mostly finished all our Christmas shopping Mike has slowly been opening all his presents so I am afarid that he is going to have nothing to open on Chirstmas. We will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day with Mikes family and then we will be heading to California on the 28th to spend sometime with my family. we are both really excited about Logans first christmas but we think that next year will be more fun for him.

So that is the update for now...until next time

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Daddy and Me

Logan loves his daddy. It is so amazing to see how much Mike loves his little boy. He really has become a great father. Logan loves spending time with him and always smiles when Mike talks to him. Here are some cute pictures of them together...

Friday, November 13, 2009


L ifor the way you LOOK at me

O is for the ONLY ONE I see

V is VERY VERY extraordinary

E is EVEN more than anyone that you adore

I can't even explain in words how much I love this kid! He is so cute and so fun I just can't get enough of him. He is now 9 weeks old and he is a pure joy to have around. I could not have asked for a better baby. He recently had is 2 month shots and it was so sad. He now weights 13 lbs and is 23in long he is a big boy and we love it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Logan Lately

Logan is now 6 weeks old and he:
-moves around a lot more, kicking his legs and moving his arms
-makes a lot of noise
-nurses a lot better
-wakes up 2 times a night
-knows the difference between day and night
-when he is not eating at night he is sleeping and never crys at night
-weighs almost 12 pounds
-stays awake longer during the day
-poops once a day which is a good and bad thing
-loves, loves, loves to cuddle
-and is SOOOOOO cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tribute to an AMAZING Man!

My Grandpa Ron and Grandma Connie were married 17 and a half years ago and on October 9th, 2009 my wonderful grandma lost her husband to cancer. Although grandpa Ron was my step-grandpa, he never treated me like I was anything less than his true grand-daughter. I was blessed to be able to attend his funeral where there were over 300 people in attendance to celebrate his life. I was amazed to see how many people's lives were touched by my grandfather. As I have had time to ponder the life of my grandpa there are so many things that I wish I would have said to him and so many things that I know he could have taught me. I am sad that his life was cut short but happy that he is no longer in pain. My grandpa Ron always made me feel beautiful and loved and that is something that I will truly miss. I am sad that my son will never know what an amazing man that he was but I will tell him stories of the great man that he was. The funeral was beautiful and exactly what he would have wanted. I will miss him so much but I will see him again. Love you grandpa!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Logan and Grandparents

Logan & Great Grandpa Ron

Logan, Emily & Great Grandma Emy Lou

Logan & Great Grandma Slater

Logan, Mike, Grandpa Jerry, & Great Grandpa Lainhart

Logan & Great Grandpa Lainhart

Logan, Mike, Grandpa Jerry, & Great Grandma Slater

Logan & Great Grandma Leavitt

Logan, Mike, Grandma LaDawna, & Great Grandma Leavitt

One Year Anniversary

I cant believe it but on October 4th Mike and I celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This past year has been the best/hardest year of my life and I would not trade it for anything in the world. A few milstones this year:
-Logan was born
-Mike lost his job
-Mike got into college
-We almost bought 2 houses
-Mikes parents finished their house
-We got a new niece(Mak)
-We spent WAY tooo much money
-We moved a million times

Its been a great year. I love my husband and cant wait to spend 50 more years with him and our children.

first flight

Well Logan took his first flight this past weekend. Him and I went to California to see my Grandpa Ron. My Grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of September and after more tests they discovered that the cancer had spread to his entire body and there was nothing that could be done to help him. So he was discharged from the hospital and went to stay at my Aunt Kelli's house. So my Grandma thought it would be a good idea for us to come down and see him and basically say goodbye. The trip was bitter sweet because it was awesome to have my Grandpa meet Logan and hold him is was very sad to have to say goodbye to someone that is still alive. Mike was not able to come because he had to work but I made sure that my Grandpa knew that Mike loved him and wished he could be there. Logan did really good on both of the flights but we both missed his daddy by the end of the trip. All in all his first trip was a success and we are looking forward to many more trips to California.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

more pictures!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Logan Micheal Lainhart

Well after 22 hours of labor and a c-section we have a beautiful baby boy. Logan was born on Sept. 11th at 10:12am and he came out weighing 8lbs 14oz. He is a big, perfect, beautiful boy with chubby cheeks. Labor was horrible, I was exhausted and ready to have him out. His heart rate was dropping after every contraction so I had to wear an oxygen mask for most of the night. After 22 hours I was only ever dilated to a 7 and since he heart rate was bad they finally decided that a c-section was the was to go. During the surgery they found out that the cord was rapped around his neck once which was also not helping the process. But is all worked out in the end and now we have our baby. I am so sore and so tired. I didn't expect to be in so much pain but it was defiantly worth it. He is having a little trouble nursing because my milk has not come in yet so he is not getting enough to eat when I do feed him. The nurse came in today and told us that he actually has lost a pound and now weighs 7lbs 14oz so she recommended that along with breast feeding that I give him some formula as well so he doesn't lose more weight. We agreed that it was probably a good idea to give him formula so he can stay healthy. We both love him so much and think he is so cute. Mike is in love and is willing to do anything for him and for me. He has been a great support and so helpful since I can't do much right now. Here are a few pictures of him for everyone to see. I am curious on who people thinks he looks like more so let meknow what you think...enjoy...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well today was just another day and Mike and I headed to the our weekly doctors appointment. We weren't expecting much but we left with really big news. He measured my belly and it was measuring 41 cm which is 2 cm bigger than it is supposed to be. Then he checked my cervix and I was 70 percent effaced and 1 cm dilated. Then he proceed to say "So lets have this baby...tomorrow!" I was so excited! He said that he did not want to risk my belly getting too much bigger than it already was so he wanted to get him out. So we will be going to the hospital tomorrow at noon to start the induction. It worked out perfectly cause it gave my mom enough time to change her ticket and figure out her work schedule and she will be coming tonight. Mike has a permanent smile on his face and he is so excited. I on the other hand am starting to get really nervous. Its scary to think that tomorrow I am going to be in a lot of pain and that we will have a little human to take care of. I am so excited to meet my son and to hold him so I hope that everything goes well. Mike will have his phone all day tomorrow so he will be making calls and keeping everyone up to speed. We will post pictures as soon as we can. Love you all!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

just a little update

Well things here in the Lainhart world have not been to exciting. Mike has just completed his 2 weeks of working the night shift at Lowes and I am so excited to have him back to a normal schedule. It seems like everything that could go wrong this week did go wrong. First the brakes on my car went out and cost a small fortune to get fixed, but thankfully I have amazing parents that were willing to help out with that. Then, we ran out food but thankfully I have amazing parents-in-law that took us to Sams Club to stalk us up. And lastly, Mikes car got a flat tire so I had to drive him too and from work. Thankfully he was able to fill up the tire with air and hopefully it will last for a while. On the baby front, when I went to my doctors appointment on Wednesday apparently there is still no progress. I was really upset because I just really want to meet our little boy and hold him in my arms, not to mention I am so completly uncomfortable it is insane. With less than 10 days left I am starting to get really anxious. I think Mike is just in a daze waiting for little Logan to make his appearance. We are both getting really excited for the temple and have everything squared away for the big day. I finished the invites and people should be expecting them any day now. We have our next doctors appointment on the Wednesday and then we have another on Monday and that will be our last, and if there is still no baby on the 16th we will be meeting him on the 17th. So until next time that is the update! Love you all!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

37 weeks and a big belly!

We have now begun the 25 day countdown. I am trying to stay busy so that I don't think about how much longer there is. I am now seeing the doctor every week and last time I saw him I was 50% effaced. I was disappointed because I was hoping to be a least a little dilated. The official plan is that unless the baby comes early I will be induced on Sept. 17th. My doctor is awesome and he is letting us plan the induction so that my mom can better plan her work schedule in order to be here for the delivery. He said the only reason he would not induce me is if my cervix is still closed and there is not really any progress, because if that is the case the induction medicine might not work. In one way I really want my baby to come early but in another way I don't because if he does come early my mom will not be able to come because of her work and other commitments she has. I really only want my mom and Mike in the delivery room but if my mom can't make it then I guess it only going to be Mike. So that is the update for now, love you all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture Update

Here are some pictures of the crib and the bassinet...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

and the BOREDOM sets in....

As the time slowly creeps by I find myself counting down the hours and the minutes of each day, I AM SO BORED!!!! I am still working but not as many hours as I used to so that might be a factor. Plus Mike is working a lot and all I do while he is gone is watch TV and movies. I miss the days when I was able to work out, run around, dance, and do all the other things I could do! What can I do to occupy my time for the next few weeks. I really would like to scrapbook my wedding pictures but we are so poor we don't have enough money to print our pictures out ha ha. So if there are any good ideas that will help me pass the time please please let me know. On a happier note, Mike was accepted to Brigham Young University- Idaho. This is the best news we have heard in a long time and I am so proud of him. Getting accepted to college is a huge thing for him and I am so proud of the man that he has become. He is really stepping up to be the kind of husband and father that the baby and I both need. We don't know what track he got in for yet but we are hoping he will either start in January or May of next year. He doesn't know what he wants to study yet but for now he will just work on his generals. We are both really happy and can't wait for him to start. Well until next time....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fat Cow....

I have come to the realization over the past few days that I don't think there has been one day in the last 7 months where I have truly felt like I look good. I mean honestly throughout this whole pregnancy I have felt ugly and fat. Mike thinks I am stupid and he gets mad when I say it but he doesn't really understand, I mean he is not really packing on a extra 30 pounds is he. I can't really complain about being pregnant though, so far my pregnancy has been a breeze. I have never been sick, never thrown up, don't really get too tired, and haven't really had any weird food cravings, so I've been lucky. But I see all these other pregnant women that look amazing, they look like they haven't gained a pound besides the baby and I have to be honest it makes me a little jealous. I just really hope that after he is born I can lose the baby weight. I don't want to do it for anyone else but myself and I hope I can get down to my goal weight. I know it is going to be hard but I am going to try because I can't stand looking like this.......


Official Temple Information

When: Saturday October 10th, 2009
Where: Idaho Falls Temple
Time: Endowment Session @ 3:00pm & Sealing @5:30
Why: Mike, Jessica, and Baby Logan will be sealed for Time And All Eternity!

We will be sending out invites when the time gets a little closer, but for those that are planning on coming that have to travel I figured it would be nice to know the exact details in advance.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Lainhart News

Alright so its official....Mike and I are planning to be sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple on October 10th with our baby boy! We were married on October 4th, 2008 so it will be almost exactly a year from our marriage that we will be sealed. We have both come a long way and have worked hard to make it to the temple and I am so excited. I am especially proud of my wonderful husband and father of my baby because he has been a great example to me and has turned his life around in order to be a better husband and father. We want our family from both sides to know that you are all invited to come to our sealing but we understand if you can not make it due to distance or other circumstances. Also if our bishop lets us we will have the baby blessing on the next day mostly for convenience to the people that will be traveling to the sealing.

In other news, Mike has been preparing his application for BYU-Idaho and the only thing he has left do send in is his High School transcripts. He has been working really hard to get the application finished and he even retook the ACT and scored 4 points higher than the first time he took it. The application is due by October 1st, so sometime between now and the we will be hearing the news if he has been acccpeted or rejected. We ask all of our friends and family to think keep us in your hearts as we wait to hear this news. If Mike gets into to college it woul dbe a very huge step for our family and we both want him to get in!

And the baby....7 and a half weeks left but I have already found myself researching ways to induce labor on my own...not now of course but when time gets closer don't think for a minute that I am leting this baby stay in any longer than it has to. We actually unless the baby comes early he will for sure be born on Sept. 17th no matter what. Iasked my doctor if he could induce me so that my mom would be able to schedule her time off of work to be up here and he said unless I was really dialated he would not induce me til the 17th. This litle boy moves like crazy! It is really werid to see my whole belly moving around when he want to switch positions. The sad part for him is that I think he is running out of room in there. Although, I don't see how he could possibly be running out of room....IM HUGE!!!!! I have a million lovely stretch marks, can't sleep at night, my clothes don't fit, i am SO hot all the time, and very very uncomfortable. will all be worth it I keep telling myself. The babies room is all set to go and is pretty much brusting at the seams because we have so much stuff. All in all we are so excited to meet our baby and if anyone knows of some creative ways to pass the time over the next weeks I would appreciated any ideas....Love you all!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lake Pictures!

Mike with his little cat fish

Kody and Luke

Allison and Emily

The slowest tube ride in the world for the 7 month pregnant girl

Mike with Emily

Kati and Luke

Mike on the boat

Mom and Emily

Mike and Justin on the tube

More Tubing

The girls on the ISLAND

Mike skurfing which is basically surfing behind a boat