Monday, August 25, 2008

engagement pictures in STAR VALLEY!

Alright so we had a very eventful weekend in Star Valley we played with our family and puppies, took engagement pictures, made wedding announcements, and registered for our wedding gifts. All in all things have gotten really stressful over the past few days. I think sadly Mike and I have come to the point where we don't really care about anything other than actually getting married...but i guess we will continue the planning any how. My amazing sister in law to be Sarah come up from Utah to take our pictures and they turned out pretty good, although Mike and I were getting pretty bored by the end of it all. Check out my facebook to see all the pictures. Well we are leaving for California tomorrow and we are both really excited but I think Mike is getting more and more nervous to meet my parents. I just hope they love him as much as I do. So we are off to California tomorrow in hopes to return with many good memories, tan bodies, and maybe less drama! Until then....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Alright so those that know me know that I am completely accident prone and worst of all I always break or sprane my ankles so this will not surprise you. Last night I was at the gym coaching and I stepped of the mat wrong and rolled my ankle really automatically swelled up and started bruising so amazing friend Krystale took me to the doctor and he said I might have fractured it...of course! So I am sitting around with a big fat boot on my ankle and crutches to walk with cause apparently I never learned how to walk correctly.

A New Life

Well I am caving a starting a blog like everyone else cause I want to be part of the in crowd. In about 5 weeks or so Mike and I will be starting our new life together as the Lainhart family. We moved our wedding up to Oct. 4th and we are both really excited but very stressed. We will be getting married at the Double Eagle Resort and Spa that my Grandma owns in June Lake, CA. Its going to be a really small intimate wedding with just family and really close friends. If anyone has any questions about why we moved the wedding up you can feel free to ask me but remember we are both so happy and love each other very much. Stay tuned for more wedding info.