Thursday, December 2, 2010


well friends time for another update. most recently we went to my grandma connies house in june lake, california for thanksgiving and had a blast. besides the drive there and back it was so much fun. we spent time with my family, went snowmobiling, and ate lots of good foods. logan is doing so good. he has started throwing tantrums with mike and i both hate but i guess its just part of life. he can say mama, dada, ball, bye bye, and go. i feel like he is learning something new all the time and it makes me a proud mama. he is an awesome sleeper and such a joy to be around. people are dropping the hint that it is time to have another baby and to be honest i really want another baby but i have to lose weight first. the bad part is that im not exactly trying to lose weight (ooopps). mike is still working on joining the navy and were just waiting on hearing what kind of job the can offer him. i am coaching and will be starting going meets this weekend, and i am so excited. we are planning another trip to california for christmas and we are really excited that we get to fly this time. this will be the first time i meet my new niece and and the last time i have christmas with my younger brother and sister before they go on their missions. its going to be a great christmas. mike started working at melaluca washing dishes and while the job isn't that exciting, its a job and were thrilled he has one. all in all everything is going well and we are blessed to have the things that we do.

Logan saying ball and bye bye!!