Wednesday, June 30, 2010





Let me explain... Mike and I were babysitting my bosses house and their little puppy Joey and I mean little, he didn't even weigh 2 pounds. Joey had a problem pooping in the house because he was still young and not quite potty trained yet. One day Mike said he would watch Logan while I finished up doing somethings around the house. Well when Mike "watches" Logan he doesn't really get watched. Mike was playing video games and Logan was crawling around on the floor playing with Joey. After a while Mike started to smell the smell of dog poop and looked over just in time to catch Logan EATING Joeys poop! So yes, my nine month old has eaten dog poop. I was digusted and a little mad at Mike for not paying better attention to what he was doing. Logan will put anything in his mouth so we have to be very careful about what is on the floor. I called the doctor to make sure he wouldn't get sick and she said he would be fine it was just more disgusting for us. I love my son and my husband but sometimes crazy things happen.


Friday, June 11, 2010

9 months in....9 months out

more sleep
i was in shape
the house was clean
i was thinner
i was never late
i had more time
i only cared about myself
less stress

i fell in love with a little human
i change A LOT of diapers
spend all day worrying about my son
more laundry
more tired
more cleanup
more smiling and laughing
less sleep
more responsibility
total happiness
more tears

My sweet baby is 9 months old and I couldn't love him more. Today I pondered back on life before Logan and I just can't imagine anything different. He has brought so much joy into our lives and I can't wait for many more memories to share with him and Mike.

Lake Mead

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a quick trip down to Las Vegas to Lake Mead. We met up with my family and we had a blast! We spent 3 day enjoying the lake and the nice weather. It was so nice to see my family because I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas. We had fun wakeboarding, skurfing, and tubing. I even was still able to wakeboard after not doing if for over 2 years. Logan was so good the whole entire trip and he seemed to really enjoy the boat and didn't even mind having to wear a life-vest most of the day. We look forward to our next boating trip at the end of July.