Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apirl 16th!!!!!

We finally found out that April 16th is the official date that we will know the sex of our baby. That is if he or she is not being shy. I don't care though I will stay in the doctors office all day until the baby un-crosses their legs if that is the case. We both can't wait to find out because it seems like once you know the sex you can really start planning and it becomes so much more real. Now that I am into my 13th week and the first trimester is over I have been feeling so my more energetic, its been great! My sister in law Sarah and her husband James finally had their beautiful baby girl Makaela on March 7th which is also my moms birthday. We are going down to Utah on Saturday to meet her for the first time and hopefully I will get Sarah to give me all the horror stories about child birth. Mike is still looking for a job, he takes a test to be apart of the Rexburg Police on the 19th so we are hoping and praying that works out if not we are going to be making some huge changes to our lifestyle because it is getting very hard. So please keep us in your prayers! Well for now we love you and hope you'll check back with us!