Saturday, May 23, 2009

cruel, cruel, cruel summer....

Well I am trying to prepare myself for how hot and uncomfortable I am going to be this summer. The summer has just barely begun and I already find myself sweating. Lucky for me our new apartment has AC and an outdoor pool, so I think I should be alright. I have already spent some of the beautiful days outside laying out by the pool and I have managed to get pretty sun-burnt. While on the other hand Mike has developed the worst farmers tan from working outside and going fishing all the time.
We decided to go miniature golfing last night for our weekly date and we had a blast. We played twice and the first time we just goofed around and played for fun, but the second time we kept score to see who would win. Having not golfed in years I thought I would totally lose, but after my amazing game including a hole in one I managed to beat Mike by 3 strokes. All in all it was so fun to be outside and spend the evening with my husband. I am trying to get things in order for my baby showers one in California, one in Idaho, and one with his family in Wyoming. It sounds like a lot but I am excited. I have started registering at Target, the name on our registry is Jessica and Mike's Baby Boy if you would like to take a look at it. If you can think of anything that you recommend that we register for or that we really need to have please let me know.
We are excited about our up coming lake trip with my family
(if Mike can get work off) We will be spending a week at Lake
Nacimiento in California from June 26-July 3rd. This trip is an annual family trip in which we wakeboard, water ski, go tubbing, and just have fun spending time together. I am excited that this is the first year I get to spend this trip with my husband and watch him attempt to wakeboard. Although I am a little disapointed that at my current physical state I will not be able to enjoy any of the normal activites but I am excited non the less to hang with my family. Well that is the update for now...keep checking in!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 months left

I feel so bad because I have been neglecting my blog but its not my fault cause we haven't had the internet for the longest time so I have an excuse. Well things in the Lainhart world are going really well. Mike is now consistently working 30 hours a week at Lowes which is wonderful although it is only part time for now but that's alright. The baby is doing great! Mike celebrated my first mothers day by making me dinner and giving me some super cute scrapbooking stuff for when the baby comes. With only 4 months left to go we are both getting really excited and can't wait to see are little boy. I am hoping that he comes out looking like Mike because he would be such a cute baby if he did. I have been feeling great, besides the horrible horrible back pain. Seriously I dont know what it is but its been getting worse and I know it doesn't get any better from here on out, oh well. We moved into a new apartment which is really nice but we sadly had tot give up our little puppy Monty! I cried for a few nights about it but the good thing is that he is in California with my parents so I know he is doing good. Well that the update for now and I will try not to neglect my blog anymore. Oh and here is a 5 month picture of me and our baby Logan...