Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fat Cow....

I have come to the realization over the past few days that I don't think there has been one day in the last 7 months where I have truly felt like I look good. I mean honestly throughout this whole pregnancy I have felt ugly and fat. Mike thinks I am stupid and he gets mad when I say it but he doesn't really understand, I mean he is not really packing on a extra 30 pounds is he. I can't really complain about being pregnant though, so far my pregnancy has been a breeze. I have never been sick, never thrown up, don't really get too tired, and haven't really had any weird food cravings, so I've been lucky. But I see all these other pregnant women that look amazing, they look like they haven't gained a pound besides the baby and I have to be honest it makes me a little jealous. I just really hope that after he is born I can lose the baby weight. I don't want to do it for anyone else but myself and I hope I can get down to my goal weight. I know it is going to be hard but I am going to try because I can't stand looking like this.......


Official Temple Information

When: Saturday October 10th, 2009
Where: Idaho Falls Temple
Time: Endowment Session @ 3:00pm & Sealing @5:30
Why: Mike, Jessica, and Baby Logan will be sealed for Time And All Eternity!

We will be sending out invites when the time gets a little closer, but for those that are planning on coming that have to travel I figured it would be nice to know the exact details in advance.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Lainhart News

Alright so its official....Mike and I are planning to be sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple on October 10th with our baby boy! We were married on October 4th, 2008 so it will be almost exactly a year from our marriage that we will be sealed. We have both come a long way and have worked hard to make it to the temple and I am so excited. I am especially proud of my wonderful husband and father of my baby because he has been a great example to me and has turned his life around in order to be a better husband and father. We want our family from both sides to know that you are all invited to come to our sealing but we understand if you can not make it due to distance or other circumstances. Also if our bishop lets us we will have the baby blessing on the next day mostly for convenience to the people that will be traveling to the sealing.

In other news, Mike has been preparing his application for BYU-Idaho and the only thing he has left do send in is his High School transcripts. He has been working really hard to get the application finished and he even retook the ACT and scored 4 points higher than the first time he took it. The application is due by October 1st, so sometime between now and the we will be hearing the news if he has been acccpeted or rejected. We ask all of our friends and family to think keep us in your hearts as we wait to hear this news. If Mike gets into to college it woul dbe a very huge step for our family and we both want him to get in!

And the baby....7 and a half weeks left but I have already found myself researching ways to induce labor on my own...not now of course but when time gets closer don't think for a minute that I am leting this baby stay in any longer than it has to. We actually unless the baby comes early he will for sure be born on Sept. 17th no matter what. Iasked my doctor if he could induce me so that my mom would be able to schedule her time off of work to be up here and he said unless I was really dialated he would not induce me til the 17th. This litle boy moves like crazy! It is really werid to see my whole belly moving around when he want to switch positions. The sad part for him is that I think he is running out of room in there. Although, I don't see how he could possibly be running out of room....IM HUGE!!!!! I have a million lovely stretch marks, can't sleep at night, my clothes don't fit, i am SO hot all the time, and very very uncomfortable. will all be worth it I keep telling myself. The babies room is all set to go and is pretty much brusting at the seams because we have so much stuff. All in all we are so excited to meet our baby and if anyone knows of some creative ways to pass the time over the next weeks I would appreciated any ideas....Love you all!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lake Pictures!

Mike with his little cat fish

Kody and Luke

Allison and Emily

The slowest tube ride in the world for the 7 month pregnant girl

Mike with Emily

Kati and Luke

Mike on the boat

Mom and Emily

Mike and Justin on the tube

More Tubing

The girls on the ISLAND

Mike skurfing which is basically surfing behind a boat


We just got back from a well deserved and very much needed vacation to California to see my family. It started with a 12 hour drive down to Orange County and the next day we had a baby shower with the people from my home ward and extended family. It was awesome cause we got almost everything that we needed such as a swing, stroller/carseat, pack-n-play, crib bedding, some play mats, baby monitor, clothes, and of course DIAPERS! We also got some gift cards so I was able to purchase the crib and the mattress as soon as we got back. But I must say the best part of the trip was the Lake!!! On Sunday, after church, my family and close family friends the Neilsons headed up to Lake Nacimento which is about 5 hours north of where my parents live. It was SO much fun! Mike was able to fish, wakeboard, skurf, and tube and went from having a farmers tan to having a California tan. I on the other hand did not get to participate in most of the activites. Being 7 months pregnant at the lake doesn't really allow you to do any of the extreme sports, but I had so much fun working on my tan, spending time with my family, and playing in the water. After a week long vacation we had to head home cause Mike had to be back to work. The drive home was miserable and we were all wishing we could be back louging at the beach. Here are some pictures from our you all!

The Baby Shower...

My Neice Emily in the stroller we just got

Aunt Betina and Breezy

My cousing Tamra, sister Kati, and Emily

The adorable diaper cake that Allison made me

Mike all dressed to go golfing while we had the baby shower